Under Her Coat is a collection of photos and stories revealing what women are really hiding under their coats. A woman’s coat is front-and-center as she enters a room, often defining her public persona. Let’s go deeper. Let’s answer the true mystery – What’s really Under Her Coat? It’s always far more than a fab outfit or the pajamas she’s hiding. It’s what’s in her head and her heart. It’s what she is wishing for, or struggling with or feeling. And – it’s also what she’s proud of. Under Her Coat invites women to dig deep, to discover themselves and to share those insights with the world. Under Her Coat is relatable, heartbreaking and hope-inducing. All the things we need.


I'm a storyteller, speaker and fashion stylist. I’m an entrepreneur who amplifies the voices of women from multiple generations—women who are shaking things up and revealing who they really are. In 2017, I began my Haute to Hippie Tour—an adventure that took me from New York City to Venice Beach, where I found a new home, a turquoise velvet sofa and tried my hand at metal-making. I also discovered my next big thing, a way to connect my love of storytelling with my love of fashion. It's called Under Her Coat.

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