I’m a storyteller, speaker and fashion stylist. I’m an entrepreneur who amplifies the voices of women from multiple generations—women who are shaking things up and revealing who they really are. In 2017, I began my Haute to Hippie Tour—an adventure that took me from New York City to Venice Beach, where I found a new home, a turquoise velvet sofa and tried my hand at metal-making. I also discovered my next big thing, a way to connect my love of storytelling with my love of fashion. It’s called Under Her Coat.

I’ve interviewed 700 women in the past seven years and have shared their stories with  millions. I was a Forbes contributor and host of the popular Forbes Mentoring Moments podcast—a show where listeners join me in my New York apartment to tap into my conversations with successful women they may never meet. I’m the author of Their Roaring Thirties: Brutally Honest Career Talk From Women Who Beat The Youth Trap, and the executive producer of the inaugural Forbes Women’s Summit.

I’ve been at start-up, speed-up and stay #1 companies in both digital and traditional media. I serve on the boards of female-led organizations, The Empowerment Plan and Creative Visions. I’m a guest lecturer at Stanford University, an honorary professor at Glasgow Caledonian University and a Tribeca Disrupter Foundation Fellow. I’ve been named to numerous people-to-watch lists and have appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN International and NPR.